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A Healthcare Ecosystem Revolution

Since the physiological characteristics of individuals are diverse, we value personalization in healthcare and treatment. We aim for a precision-medicine-based healthcare ecosystem supporting hospitals and clinicians to get more insightful information about each patient's characteristics. We are continually researching and improving technology to bring personalized diagnosis and treatment services closer to developing countries

Our Values


We integrate state-of-the-art practiced methods to tailor individual health status and treatment


We listen, understand and communicate with our customer at the speed of light


We aim to deliver best quality healthcare ecosystem to vast number of users, especially in developing countries.

N2TP Personalized Medicine Ecosystem

In recent times, technology and data science are believed to be the factors of groundbreaking changes in the personalization of healthcare and disease treatment. These factors have gone beyond research by gradually entering hospitals, becoming a powerful support tool for clinicians in monitoring, diagnosing, treating, and even preventing diseases. At N2TP, we combine physiology knowledge with health data analysis advancements to create a personalized medicine ecosystem available for everyone, ensuring the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.

SmartDoseAI is a clinical decision support software that personalizes dosing. SmartDoseAI takes information from drug’s population pharmacometrics model, individual patient variables and the measured concentrations to give precise dosage regime using Bayesian Algorithm.

Computing and Analysis Service

We provide advanced computing services for biomedical data to support pharmaceutical and biotechnology development

Investigate the effects of genomic variations and mutations using best practiced methods:

  • Support whole genome, whole exome and targeted sequencing data
  • Map and identify small genetic variations using high-throughput computational facilities
  • Help interpretation process by continuously developing annotation pipeline based on trustable databases (1000 Genome, ClinVar, ClinGen...)

Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics Analysis for Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Products:

  • Population (nonlinear mixed-effects) PK modeling and clinical trial simulation
  • Population PK-PD modeling with differents type of response data such as continuous, categorical, time-to-event, survival, and QT prolongation
  • Monoclonal antibodies and other biologics population PK-PD modeling with target-mediated drug disposition (TMDD)
  • Optimal design of PK-PD studies
  • Noncompartmental analysis and Bioequivalence studies design

Our Team

Phong Ho

Maine Coon / CEO

Tuan Do

Sleepy Lynx / Math Geek

Nhung Duong

Warm-hearted Wolf / Drug Maker

Tuan Doan

Alpha Leopard / Code Overlord

Uyen Nguyen

Ravenous Eagle / Idea Devourer

Luan Duong

Invisible Sloth / Designer

Nguyet Dang

Mighty Bull / Gene Finder / Advisor

Hoa Vu


Lap Nguyen


Francois Sabot



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